SunLion 2017 Annual Meeting - A Wave of Brilliant

On 19th.Jan,2017, SunLion Piping Engineering CO.,Ltd. Held annual ceremony successfully. General Manager Mr.Healthy Lee, Executive Deputy General Manager Mr.Bill Cheng, Deputy General Manager Mr.Sady Wu and every SunLioner attended the ceremony, create a beautiful memory. This annual ceremony has 3 Chapters in total.

Chapter 1: Good wishes to 2017, Let’s struggle together!

At the begining of the ceremony, General Manager Mr.Healthy Lee made a speech, his speech is affectionate and inspiring. He approved the effort of every SunLioners in 2016 and expressed his thanks to them. Meanwhile, he also wish SunLion can reach a new heithgt in 2017. Pioneering in an enterprise is naturally never plain sailing, but we have confidence that we can conquer every difficulty and will continously improve our administration. In 2017, SunLioners will unite as one to make more progress.

Chapter 2: Let our dreams fly in 2017 !

Before the performs of this annual ceremony, hosts invited 3 SunLion leaders to participate in a game called”Who drink the fastest”,during this game, 3 leaders drank black coffee, salt water, lemon water, sweet water and water on after another. It means on the way of starting a business, we will encounter a lot unknown challenges, only we keep our faith can succeed at the end. Hosts also represent SunLion team told 3 leaders that SunLion team will always back them up.

Nest part is the perform form SunLioners.Mr. Stephen Ge brought us a classic episode of Stephen Chow”Love you for 10 thousand years”and this year his talk show brought down the house as well. SunLion music band’s conbination of songs are neck and neck.Especially the guitar show from Mr. Vincent Ye ignite the passion of everyone and push the show to the highest.

Chapter 3: Let’s make a bright future !

Every SunLioner took a vedio message which is record to SunLion and SunLioner in 5 years, we also made a agreement that we will play this vedio in 5 years. During this 5 years, we might face a lot of difficults, but we will never stop to fight our future, our passion will not degrade, we will never lose our faith, we believe SunLion team will work together to  create a bright future.

At the end of this ceremony, we sang a song”we are family”, we believe SunLioners can help each other, go forwards hand-in-hand as we are a family as we said.

This is a party full of happniess, because SunLioners gather together to share that special moment with each other, we hope in the next year, we can do better to have a good harvest ! Till now, SunLion Piping Engineering Co.,Ltd annual ceremony of 2017 completed satisfactory.

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