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On 25th, Feb, 2017, SunLion Piping Engineering Co.,Ltd. held PMC Salon “high end manufacturing in our daily life”successfully.

The Global Value Chain occupy a leading position among world economy. Who dominate the core part, then the one will take the initiative of maximum benefit. Products that are labelled“Made in China” spread all over the world, but all of these products are at the bottom of global value chain due to low additional value and technological content. In recent days, National Commerce Department and other 7 departments gather together and issued a document about enforce international cooperation to improve Chinese status among global value chain. This is the very 1-st document mainly present Chinese government’s idea to propose open innovation method to improve the capability of allocation through deepen global value chain cooperation. Since China improve its infrastructural level from “made in China” to “intelligent manufacturing in China”,global value chain will welcome more goods with Chinese elements. This require Chinese small and middle companies realize the importance of transformation and upgrading of enterprises.


First of all, general manager of SunLion Piping Engineering Co., Ltd Mr.Healthy Lee shared his story how to start a company, achieve sales of over 300 million in 3 years and gradually build enterprise's core competitiveness among international market. At last of his sharing, Mr.Healthy Lee said “Let it break in all its fury!” inspire enthusiasm in everybody present.

Then founder of a technical company, pre-Intel BD manager Mr. Tianxie Desong brought his idea “artificial intelligence ai + robot = future strategy”, which widen our horizon and all of us were shocked by this moreden plan.


  After lunch, co-founder of Singa investment and financial services provider Mr. George and general manager of CRIB Solution Mr. Jiang Wei had a heated discussion with each other. Their topic is about how does investment logic make effort to development of China’s manufacturing industry.


  In the end, as Mr. Jiang Wei suggested that the core competence is innovation and value purchase. In the chain of Chinese high-end manufacture, purchase is essential. SunLion mainly works as a bridge between Chinese high-end mill and international EPC companies, we also will do purchase work as we provide packages service. Under this circumstance, SunLion should have the ability to have a transpositional consideration for different products, materials and additional requirements of our clients. With the preponderance of language and indigenization communication, as well as professional knowledge, SunLion can supply satisfied solutions for EPC projects!


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