SunLion - The India Power-Gen Exhibition

From 17th, May to 19th, May, 2017, SunLion Piping Engineering Co.,Ltd combined with CITIC  Pacific Special Steel Hildings attened the Power-Gen & Renewable Energy World India and Central Asia 2017 Exhibition in New Dehli, India.

Power-Gen Exhibition was held by Pennwell Group., Due to huge potential of India Electric market, over 200 enterprices participated in this global event. The sponser said there are over 6500 professional visitors attended this exhibition.

To extend our business in India market, we need to have confidence, dare to make decisions, have more patience. SunLion is a company like this, every SunLioner can do our utmost to fufill SunLion dream. So SunLion take this opportunity combined with CITIC and finally have a good harvest during 4-days exhibition. This trip to India, SunLion enforced the market status, received a good reputation and expand our brand effectiveness. We believ SunLion will create a splendid future in India market.

Joining in Power-Gen Exnibition is the very 1st step to open India market. This is a small step to achieve SunLion dream, but its a big step for establishing cooperation relationship between SunLion and CITIC. Hope in the near future, we can cheer up for the result of India market!

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