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On 10th. Jun. 2017, SunLion Piping Engineering Co., Ltd. cooperated with Shanghai West Point Training School to have a two-days military training under pouring rain.

Shanghai West Point Training School located in armed military training camp, Fenxian district, Shanghai. They are a professional training institute focus on “military-style management”, their spirit is to spread the the soul of Chinese army, in order to cultivate a special forces in the field of business with high quality, high efficiency.

When SunLion Army enter the training base,we can hear orderly step and sonorous slogan. Only in flash, every SunLioner felt the solemnity and respectful of this training base. Under the rigorous request of drill masters, SunLion Army started training courses from learning the most basal password action. Although iss only two days, we can not completely experience the tired, perseverance and endurance of soldiers, but we still feel the sledgehammer physically and spiritually. from 5:30am to 10:30pm, such a high strength training courses is hard to hang in there for people who get used to office work, but SunLioners didnt have any complaint, we accept this kind of baptism with a high enthusiasm and a fine spiritual status.

Frankly speaking, talents with high ability are SunLions  largest treasures. There are two kinds of abilities, one is hard skill, the other is soft skill. The hard one means IQ, EQ, experience and relationship with others, the Soft one include the self-discipline and reliance, respect and honor、responsibility and courage、passion and integrity、fidelity and dedication. What effect all these factors is peoples behavior. And such kind of militarized training,aims to intensify peoples soft ability, group teamwork is the base of an enterprise to compete with others. If we have an attitude to do everything our best, hold on straight to the end, even we are badly beaten by our rivals, we will also get the esteem of the market!

From body energy training to interior PK, from “cask principle”to test the teamwork to“neat eyebrow stick to unite members, from“spiritual journey”to urgent aggregate before dawn, from“dragon fist activity”to“show the leader mien”, from lifting the log to closing ceremony. All SunLioners use their unified action to make every effort to fulfill every mission. The most surprised part is the game called “the general”and“the angel”, we could be anyones general and angel, but in the end, you will find that the more you give, the more you get.

No abandon, no give up, hang in there will achieve in the end is SunLion Armys belief! From this military training, SunLioners will tell the world how brave we are, how powerful we are. We have confidence to compete with others in international steel market. This is not to threaten our competitors but to get their respect.

Obey the rules and do it in the most efficient way is SunLions style. There are no outstanding individual, but a lot of outstanding teams, quick reaction is the only way to create the consequence. No matter what, SunLion only focus on the result, any excuse should not to be the factor to effect the determination to fulfill SunLion dream!

No way is impossible to courage, only show sword spirit could be invincible!

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