The development of the old and young together with the friendship has been improved.



The afternoon of October 26, 2016, Gaojing town  "two new" enterprise SunLion piping Engineering (Shanghai) Party branch and the town of "Limited Red Book salon twinning ceremony held in SunLion piping company meeting room, Gaojing town town Party committee deputy secretary general Xu Ziping, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the town party secretary Zhu Junfeng, Zhang Jianying, comprehensive community Party Building Service Center Party branch secretary Zhang Yajie, SunLion piping Engineering (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. General Manager Li Jiankang, the" Red Book "director Zhou Yuelai and the relevant personnel to participate in the ceremony, the ceremony is chaired by Comrade Zhang Jianying.

Comrade Zhang Jianying first introduced the SunLion piping Engineering (Shanghai) background and situation of the Party branch and the town of "Limited Red Book Salon" twinning introduction. SunLion piping is a "two new" enterprise Gaojing the town, mainly engaged in the service system of material supply and supporting international pipeline. The company was established in December 2016 the Party branch, is a young, vibrant and full of vitality team, the company is also the town area Party member of the new federation. The "Red Book " was founded in 2011, is composed of hundreds of book lovers Gaojing the community, for the rich experience of the old comrades, they love learning, love life, the book club was founded in 6 years, always adhere to once a month to carry out activities. Gaojing town Party committee, the community party service center with the area of party, breaking the original enterprises and units, communities and schools, parks and other organs and the traditional mode of twinning, try to establish a connection between social groups and the "two new" organization, the cooperation of nodes, so in consideration of the actual situation and the two sides the wishes of the enthusiastic, do the "matchmaker", two in the middle of matchmaking, contributed to the two sides to build.

  The ceremony, comrade Xu Ziping to congratulate him on both sides of the building, and for the "Red Book Salon" old comrades sent Festival blessing. Secretary Xu fully affirmed our innovation in the form of joint efforts and the "Book Media" to build initiatives, hope that both sides will learn more young people each in his element, experience of the old comrades of feelings, not forget the early heart, hard pioneer and promote the development of the old comrades; to learn the vitality of young people continue to play heat, rejuvenated. At the same time, put forward three requirements for future construction work: one is to highlight the "red theme", adhere to the ideological and political construction; the two is to give full play to their strengths, weaknesses, mutual learning mutual, for Gaojing the town branch construction; to set three goals, to promote the construction of branch formation characteristics, in the building construction, building the work of brand efforts. Comrade Zhu Junfeng from both inheritance and integration, build pair cohesion and other aspects of the speech, and position the Party committee will in the future support of the two sides to build work, and provide more assistance.

Li Jiankang, general manager ,Zhou Yuelai, director of red book, made the statement and as representatives of the two parties were signed, both sides agreed to by the wind of the party's nineteen big victory, with the town Party committee and government’s concerned, through the "Book Media" to build a theme, strengthen learning, mutual support, make full use of their own advantages contribute to the development of the career!

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