Guan Tongxian: It’s never too old to get start even you are 59 years old


Guan tongxian:The founder of Zhenhua heavy industry (Group) company give a speech


The alumni and Mr. Guan Tongxian take a photo

In October 21, 2017, the financial iMBA Alumni Association sponsored "entrepreneurs finance anniversary salon in Zhongshan North Road 369 campus liberal knowledge hall held very rare invitation to Shanghai Zhenhua heavy industry (Group) company founder and former president of Mr. Guan Tongxian for alumni sharing speech. Professor Chen Xinyuan, vice president of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Dean of business school, business school, vice president Xue Liping Yu teacher occupation development center school beam director and teacher Xia Qingdong, 20 outstanding alumni entrepreneurs business school iMBA project director Chen Xi teacher and specially invited attended.


Group photo

Before the lecture, Mr. Guan Tongxian and his schools leader had a brief meeting. The leaders of the school greeted the current situation of the Mr.Guan with care. They had a pleasant exchange and have a group photo for the school and business development. Subsequently, President Chen Xinyuan show a warm welcome to the visit of the Mr. Guan and gave the opening speech.


Speech by Professor Chen Xinyuan, vice president of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and Dean of Business School

Next, Mr. Guan took the successful achievements of all successful enterprises as "theme of unity of man and nature" as the theme, and shared the experience and life experience of Zhenhua with our alumni.

He stressed that the success of any enterprise is the joint creation of "man" and "day", which should be integrated and complementary to each other. "In the fierce market competition, enterprises should dare to success and the strong commander, to dare for the world first place, but innovation does not stop, not only to handle the user relationship, dealing with trade relations."


Mr. Guan Tongxian's speech

In 1992, when he was 59 years old, he went to Shanghai to start a business and started the state controlled Shanghai Zhenhua heavy industry company from zero. He was the president for 18 years and retired until the end of 2009. During the host Zhenhua heavy industries, the main products of large container machinery to the world all container terminals, in the fierce competition in the international market, he made it, occupy the world market share of nearly 80%, glory for the country, has become the recognized world famous enterprises.

Unlike the old saying that praising personal efforts, Mr. Guan thinks that "the unity of man and nature" is a condition for every successful enterprise to have "heaven" as help. It is misleading only by subjective efforts. This is especially important for young people to start their own businesses. In addition, he also shared practical experiences with his alumni: "if we want to exercise corporate strength, we will enter the international market. In international cooperation, the most important thing is to talk about credit and brand."


Guan's speech enlightened the alumni. Similarly, as a leader in the enterprise, alumni put forward many puzzles and communicated with Guan deeply by combining his experience and feeling with his own reality.

If a person suffers all kinds of tortures and heartache, his heart is still full of sunshine and great love. He has experienced various setbacks but never changed his mind. After all kinds of injustice, his heart is still calm, and he is a very noble personality. All the people present have been greatly affected by Guan's national spirit, patriotism and entrepreneurial spirit.


At the end of the lecture on the occasion, under iMBA2013 alumni, SunLion piping Engineering (Shanghai) Limited company’s president Li Jiankang alumni send painting wrote by calligrapher Le Changjiang. He has always take Mr.Guan tongxian as a good example in the main pipeline engineering foreign trade business. He has been deeply impressed by his visit and learning in Zhenhua. He said, "the spirit of entrepreneurship and craftsman in this age is worth learning and inheriting after every people of ’ 80s and ‘90s."


Shanghai University of Finance and Economics iMBA 2013 alumnus Li Jiankang represented Sunlion piping to present pictures to Mr.Guan

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