Walk into town collusion development branch to seek new development way- the 2018 Baoshan outstanding young "into Gaojing" theme activities held successfully



In order to make all the outstanding young Baoshan more in-depth understanding of the economic and social development situation of high environment, further pooling the wisdom of youth, to serve the regional economic development, promote social innovation and transformation, Baoshan February 2, 2018 afternoon, by the Gaojing Town Committee, Gaojing Town People's government, the Baoshan party and the Baoshan District Youth Federation, the Communist Youth League high exit "Baoshan District Youth Town Committee jointly hosted the elite from all walks into" theme activities held as scheduled.

Gaojing town party secretary, mayor Gao Hongjun, party secretary, District Federation President Yu Mengxian, in conjunction with the District Youth Federation, regional league building units and more than 50 people visited the new square, Euan square, in the design of high throughout the new development, innovation and transformation of high environment with an intuitive impression.

After the field investigation, the leaders of the high border town had a deep discussion with the visitors, and Xu Ziping, the Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of Gao Jing, chaired the symposium. At the meeting, comrade Zhu Junfeng, the deputy mayor of Gao Jing, introduced the economic and social development of the high town and the future planning outlook to the outstanding young people from all walks of life.

At the meeting, two young representatives of "two new" enterprises in Gao Jing took a road show. Shanghai fukong, members of a new generation Beidou baseband processing chip project group Hualong Micro System Technology Co., Ltd. Baoshan District Youth Committee Yu Changyuan, the Beidou navigation baseband chip, introduces the industry positioning and product development process. Li Jiankang, general manager of Sunlion piping Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., introduced the company's specific businesses and service objects. "A joint China high-end manufacturing and win-win bidding speech" touched the young members present.

At the meeting, party secretary, District Federation President Yu Mengxian visited the exchange combined with today's three feelings: one is for support, feel the fruits of development and excellent business environment; the two is the positive lead, good service good regional development; three is not forget the early heart, with the implementation of the reform. She hopes to hold into the event as an opportunity to members of the Federation and young entrepreneurs can understand the development strategy of the border town branch, together for the transformation and development suggestions of high territory and suggestions, and seek opportunities in the new development opportunity, make more contributions to the high realm of economic and social development, to contribute to the socialist modernization of Binjiang new Baoshan urban construction!

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