Congratulations to Healthy Lee on being selected as one of the first batch of young entrepreneurs of " QianFan" youth entrepreneur training program.

On the morning of November 18, the communist youth league committee held the promotion meeting of "QianFan  " Shanghai youth entrepreneur training program.

The meeting was attended by leng weiqing, vice minister of the organization of the municipal party committee, Wang Yu, secretary of the communist youth league and honorary chairman of the municipal youth league, Liu Wei, deputy secretary of the communist youth league and chairman of the municipal youth league, Zhang Xiong, deputy director of the municipal development and reform commission, Yu Chengbin, deputy director of the municipal human resources and social security bureau, Zhao Wanbing,  deputy director of the municipal financial office and other officials.

The conference released the first batch of 208 young entrepreneurs who were selected into the "operation QianFan" and issued certificates to them.

Party committee organizes vice minister leng weiqing to attend the meeting and speech.

Leng weiqing said that the promotion of the "QianFan  " young entrepreneur training program is the result of the joint efforts of all units.

She hopes that the majority of young entrepreneurs will carry forward the outstanding entrepreneurial spirit and be worthy of leading the way in the new field.

We hope that young entrepreneurs can give full play to their strengths, take the initiative to focus on frontier areas, break new paths and create innovative industries, create better products and services with high-quality innovation, and promote new business forms and production modes, which are always prosperous in fierce competition.

General manager of  Sunlion Piping Engineering Co,.Ltd. Li jiankang was selected as the certificate of "QianFan  " Shanghai young entrepreneur training program.

" QianFan  " Shanghai youth entrepreneurship education plans by pku in the city's "two sessions" initiative launched earlier this year, the municipal party committee organization department, pku, municipal development and reform commission (NDRC), and the letter committee, city business committee, the municipal science and technology commission, city people club bureau, municipal intellectual property office, the municipal financial and other units to study and draft together, by the municipal party committee organization department, pku and related departments to guide city youth and city green QiXie throughout the city.The younger generation of entrepreneurs of family businesses (mainly referring to successors of large and medium-sized private enterprises), etc.

The goal is to select 200 leading young entrepreneurs at the municipal level and 800 new young entrepreneurs at the district level by 2023, so as to establish a talent pool of young entrepreneurs in Shanghai and build an outstanding team of young entrepreneurs.

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