Time flies---SunLion Janpan Tour

Japan tour on 2018-06

The wind is dusty, the rain is hazy, in this rainy season is already arrived.

In June 2018, the handsome men and beautiful women of SunLion Piping Engineering (Shanghai) Co,. LTD.spent a good time on Nagoya, toba, Kyoto, nara, Mount Fuji and Tokyo in Japan.Japan tour on 2018-06

Nara park is located in the east of nara city street. The park covers a wide area. Most of nara's scenic spots and historical sites such as grass hill, todai-ji temple, Spring Festival club and national museum are here.

The most notable in nara park are sika deer, some 1,200 of which live here and are mostly docile and endearing.

Each October, the traditional event of "cutting antlers" will be held.

Chunri Shinto, a Shinto shrine in Japan, was founded in 710, more than a thousand years ago, and has been inscribed on the world heritage list.

Founded by the powerful fujiwara family, the chunri grand society enshrine four guardian spirits of the fujiwara family and is now an important place of worship throughout Japan.

Jinge temple was formerly known as luyuan temple because of the gold foil on the bread outside the building.

Located in Kyoto and originally completed in 1397, this ancient Japanese temple is not only a well-known tourist attraction, but also a national treasure designated by the Japanese government.

Neon-light changes from red, blue, orange to dark red, representing the day of dotonbori, which lies between the military bridge and the dotonbori bridge.

Dropping in to a hot heart shinsaibashi famous shopping street, in the full of young breath can't see the store at the end of the street, close on a transparent rain awnings, no matter the wind rain don't lose your shopping shopping fun, Osaka, octopus burning, burning a ramen, jinlong ramen, H&M, ZARA, UNIQLO, takashimaya, big pill department wide variety of goods, people, fully feel the air Osaka city bright and shiny.

[Mount Fuji]

Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan and one of the largest active volcanoes in the world.

Mount Fuji, as one of the national symbols of Japan, enjoys a high reputation in the world.

Mount Fuji, known as "sacred mount" by the Japanese people, is a proud symbol of the Japanese nation.

Along the way, there are more than enough shopping shops, until the day left, our attentions are still attached to the duty-free shop.

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