On August 7 2015, the first patch of pipes of SUNLION and Austrian Fules Company’s cooperated project Jetty & Pipeline Project has been collected successfully at Shanghai Port. The pipesare to reach Australia’s construction site in September.

The Project comprises a diesel fuelterminal near the existing Santos Port Bonython Plant on the Eyre Peninsulanorth east of the township of Whyalla, South Australia.

The Project scope consists of:

•    Installationof Marine loading arms at the jetty head

•    Constructionof Transfer Pipeline (DN500 for 5km) along existing jetty and overland to thefuel terminal facility

SUNLION supplies high quality HFWpipe, Bends and Fittings with special marine painting and 3LPE coating for thisproject.

Raw material preparation

Pipe welding procedure

Ultrasonic Test

Bare pipe

3LPE coating

Pipe collection at Shanghai Port

Pipe collection at Shanghai Port

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